The primary purpose of Government according to the 1999 constitution shall be the welfare and security of the people, this means that in 2017 citizens welfare must be accorded top priority.


A New Year

Its is a wonderful opportunity to see a new year, in 2016 there was no single post from us, this we apologize and are set more than ever to deliver so much in 2017. The year has started brightly all around the world except for the shootings at a night club in Istanbul.

No doubt 2016 came with a lt of surprises especially as Donald Trump became the President-Elect of the United States, ending the hopes of having 3 females as the President of 3 powerful nations, the others being England led by Prime Minister Theresa May, and Germany led by Angel Merkel.

Also in Africa, 2 African leaders lost their  re-election bid, while 1 has agreed to step down in 2018, as the people get more involved in the election process deciding who governs them.

We definitely will keep our fingers crossed as we hope for an exciting 2017 as we hope the wars in Syria and Libya
come to and end.

Once again welcome to 2017.


Dear Son,
leaders s are readers
If you read, you may become a writer
And when you become a writer, you will think smarter
And when you think smarter, you will become a leader and be more greater.

And when you become a leader,
You wont be shy any longer
Your parents will be proud and much happier
Your peers will respect you much better
They will say, he is much wiser
Could you wish for anything more better

As you write on you will become a master
Your write-ups will be an eye catcher
Your purse will become larger
Your assets will grow taller.

Your much younger, things are now easier
You don’t need to post letters
You can work here in the commercial centre, or from the world Trade Center

But remember,
It doesn’t come any easier.



She was a friend so close though far away from touch

I can still remember the warmth of her love, her care and all such

Our friendship came at a time when confusion in my life was at its peak

As days passed on, all those burdens began to sink.

Her words were soft, gentle and kind just what i needed

She let me know that in tough times, tough people can’t be withered

Sometimes when i was sad and couldn’t cope

Her words in all surely gave me great hope.

If I was strong, then she was stronger

She will always say the “leader needs to be ahead by metres”

She was up and doing every time we spoke on the phone

To her a wrong doer is someone who leaves something undone.

“set goals or you will work for someone who does ” she says

I replied “i have a talent to last me all my days”

She yelled ” hardwork will beat talent if talent fails to work hard”

I thought to myself, i shouldn’t waste time, I am no longer a young lad.

In all she showed me great strength

And how I could take out walls of any length

And when I began to stand, she said it’s time she left

Today i won’t forget what she said what she taught, and what i learnt.9k=

In memory of the friendship i had with the most Beautiful and Intelligent lady i have ever met, a friend who always said ” camillus everything will be fine”.

Daluchi Iweanya, God bless you.


I have a story to tell

It’s about a friend I thought I knew too well

I met her on a Tuesday while sitting in a banking Hall

We became so close after shopping in an expensive mall

I gave her my time, my wealth, my all

But she left, she didn’t even drop a call

Today I write my story all by myself inside my school hall

My First Post

Okay, for a long time i have been really thinking of doing something on writing, luckily for me i heard from a friend of this site and i said to myself, “you got a heart as loud as lions so why let your voice be tamed” so after much pondering, the result is this.

This isnt about fame or being popular, writing is an Art i have been in love with since childhood, i remember doing my first piece, a series on spiderman, then i went to football and i had about 5 books all about the E.P.L, then i went into politics and national affairs,i have also written some poems and short stories, basically i love writing,and that is what i hope to do hear.

The major crux of the issue is focusing on what subject matter or topic should this blog concentrate on, should it be politics,economics,literature,inspiration,Christianity,or sports. Since i am a freelance writer i have decided not to limit myself to any field and will write as it comes “straight from the heart”, reminds me of Bryan Adams.

Finally i pledge to be responsible in my articles, unbiased without fear or favour, i promise that it will be exiciting, educating and innovative no plagiarism, original and factual from me. While i get busy thinking of the next write up, you all have a lovely week.