My First Post

Okay, for a long time i have been really thinking of doing something on writing, luckily for me i heard from a friend of this site and i said to myself, “you got a heart as loud as lions so why let your voice be tamed” so after much pondering, the result is this.

This isnt about fame or being popular, writing is an Art i have been in love with since childhood, i remember doing my first piece, a series on spiderman, then i went to football and i had about 5 books all about the E.P.L, then i went into politics and national affairs,i have also written some poems and short stories, basically i love writing,and that is what i hope to do hear.

The major crux of the issue is focusing on what subject matter or topic should this blog concentrate on, should it be politics,economics,literature,inspiration,Christianity,or sports. Since i am a freelance writer i have decided not to limit myself to any field and will write as it comes “straight from the heart”, reminds me of Bryan Adams.

Finally i pledge to be responsible in my articles, unbiased without fear or favour, i promise that it will be exiciting, educating and innovative no plagiarism, original and factual from me. While i get busy thinking of the next write up, you all have a lovely week.


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