She was a friend so close though far away from touch

I can still remember the warmth of her love, her care and all such

Our friendship came at a time when confusion in my life was at its peak

As days passed on, all those burdens began to sink.

Her words were soft, gentle and kind just what i needed

She let me know that in tough times, tough people can’t be withered

Sometimes when i was sad and couldn’t cope

Her words in all surely gave me great hope.

If I was strong, then she was stronger

She will always say the “leader needs to be ahead by metres”

She was up and doing every time we spoke on the phone

To her a wrong doer is someone who leaves something undone.

“set goals or you will work for someone who does ” she says

I replied “i have a talent to last me all my days”

She yelled ” hardwork will beat talent if talent fails to work hard”

I thought to myself, i shouldn’t waste time, I am no longer a young lad.

In all she showed me great strength

And how I could take out walls of any length

And when I began to stand, she said it’s time she left

Today i won’t forget what she said what she taught, and what i learnt.9k=

In memory of the friendship i had with the most Beautiful and Intelligent lady i have ever met, a friend who always said ” camillus everything will be fine”.

Daluchi Iweanya, God bless you.


7 thoughts on “WHAT SHE TAUGHT ME

      1. When I went to your site, it seemed you write about love. When you expressed interested in writing for MostlyBlogging, did you have any blogging-related topics in mind?


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