Love Under Fire

Everyone has a past

A story of an event that happened way back

Every one has been broken

Some more than once, so much they became outspoken

When we write about love, about the hurt and the pain.

When we express the tale of our sail, those dark nights our loved ones left us frail.


We write about love like there were never good days

Those times like a farmer we harvested together the cereal the wheat and the maize

We forget about the good deeds, the good seeds, when we had a friend indeed

We throw away those moments we smiled and only remember those times they lied.


So the hurt one, now becomes the oppressor

Their feelings are dead: love is no longer the victor

Their message is simple “love is wicked and shouldn’t exist”

“Lets make a truce, lets not throw fist”, but love pleas falls on deaf ears


Every where in the world, the situation is the same

Love is under fire.



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