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A New Year

Its is a wonderful opportunity to see a new year, in 2016 there was no single post from us, this we apologize and are set more than ever to deliver so much in 2017. The year has started brightly all around the world except for the shootings at a night club in Istanbul.

No doubt 2016 came with a lt of surprises especially as Donald Trump became the President-Elect of the United States, ending the hopes of having 3 females as the President of 3 powerful nations, the others being England led by Prime Minister Theresa May, and Germany led by Angel Merkel.

Also in Africa, 2 African leaders lost their  re-election bid, while 1 has agreed to step down in 2018, as the people get more involved in the election process deciding who governs them.

We definitely will keep our fingers crossed as we hope for an exciting 2017 as we hope the wars in Syria and Libya
come to and end.

Once again welcome to 2017.